Microsoft Patch Tuesday

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From Old To New Microsoft Patch Tuesday Will Never Be The Same



   The next patch Tuesday will be April 8th, 2014. This date has many ramifications in the loss of (security within) Windows XP and the further advancement of Windows 8.1. Windows XP will essentially cease to exist while Windows 8.1 finds ways to be more like what people have been accustomed to in a Windows OS. Windows 8 came about to embrace "touch-centric" computing but went too far out of the comfort zone for many of Microsoft's customers, which has led Microsoft to now make changes many people will welcome.



Windows 8.1 Update Changes


   This update focuses on making changes to Windows 8.1 which are mouse and keyboard friendly. Acording to Microsoft's TechNet it has been the case that most people do use a mouse and keyboard at least as much (if not more than) a touch screen with their home PC. Therefor changes such as right-clicking tiles to produce a familiar "context menu" which had been the norm before Windows 8. TechNet also reports that PC users spend most of their time working from the Desktop as opposed to the Start Screen, so another new change will include being able to boot (or Resume) directly to the Desktop. Other changes that are very likely to be welcomed by Windows 8.1 users include better use of the Taskbar with Store Apps so that switching between them will be a breeze. To see more the video below is from the Build Conference ongoing now introducing changes to Windows Phone 8.1 and the Windows 8.1 Update.



   Windows XP is simply going away, and many people (myself included) will miss that sense of "This is BETTER!" that came with XP because it was far better than its predecessor (ME that is) and it's sometimes a shame the way things go but this is the way of the World. If Microsoft can harness what Windows 8.1 (and the upcoming Windows 9) can do for ALL PC users then they WILL have my vote. Let's hope that will be the case.