This website has a primary mission as stated on the front page and that is “to provide the everyday personal computer (PC) user with tools to help simplify resolving their computer’s problems, avoid creating problems, and simply maintain a better computing environment”. To this end an ever-expanding compilation of good information regarding computer use and resolving computer problems is presented here at Resolve. Some of what is included are web links to other viable sites whose information and/or services are recommended and will only be presented here if certified SAFE by Symantec or similar web surfing protection (unless as yet untested in which case they are ‘on probation’ in the eyes of Resolve); downloads of known and tested software found to be useful, and forums in which people can directly seek specific help. The intent is to offer as much as possible for people to consider and utilize if they wish, while also hopefully averting some expenditure of money if that information proves helpful in a given situation.

   One very important aspect of the computing industry is the fact that it is always evolving and that means pertinent information must evolve as well. News articles will be from the newest trusted sources as well as independently reported, downloads will be periodically updated to their respective newest versions, and emerging problems will be assessed and addressed. Recommended Best Practices will also be changing and Resolve will evolve with all of these things to keep people informed as well as possible. If you do take some time to surf around this little subdivision of the ‘net you will likely come away with a little bit of improvement in your understanding of how computers work, how they can help you work (and play), how they can sometimes cause problems (and even literally fail), as well as how they interact with the Internet and you.

This is my mission, my little “brainchild”, my little contribution to furthering people’s abilities in dealing with all things pc computing and cyber-related. You won’t see anything asking you to pay for any “service” here (of course I might write an e-book and sell it here but that’s another story). The site is supported by Ads and Affiliates - any of whom that charge for products and services are of the highest reputations which I scrutinize - so if you engage any of them it is my opinion that it will be for good reason. SO – who am I and how can I justify or claiming to be qualified to do this?

   Easy – I’m a qualified technician who has been dealing with computers since the early ‘90s and realized then how much impact they would have on society in the future. I started out just playing around but soon started studying and learning every day (as I still do) because of that potential impact. From MS-DOS (6.22 was the best iteration and I’ve forgotten most of that) to Windows 3.1, ’95, ’98, ME (umm forget that), 2000, XP, VISTA (really not as bad as many made it out to be) Windows 7 and 8(.1) and now Windows 10, I’ve used and studied each to one extent or another. I never shied away from fixing physical problems like testing and/or replacing HDDs and motherboards, sound cards, modems, or whatever either. Beyond that personal experience I work as a technician for General Dynamics Mission Systems and have been building, testing, troubleshooting, repairing (and often cursing) a very wide variety of Military communications and computing equipment since ’99.

   This website? All my doing, I built this myself using the Joomla! CMS having had experience over the last 10 years working with several websites of different types and I wanted to do my own. Education? Well, I got my high school diploma and I did take the time to add a 2-year degree in IT several years back but that’s truly extraneous in comparison to the real experience in the real world. Maybe, just maybe, all that makes me qualified (just a bit).

   My name is Earl Casey and I live in Middleboro, Massachusetts. I’m married, I enjoy good friends, good food, good conversation, beer, sci-fi, video games (mostly PC), fixing what’s broke, and just a little TV these days. You can get a hold of me on Resolve’s Forums and/or using the CONTACT form found below in the footer, as well as Facebook. I look forward to helping in any way I can as well as any good conversation.

Best regards and hopes in all genuine endeavors,

Earl R. Casey

Do NOT let your Computer control YOU… CONTROL your COMPUTER!!!