CES 2017 Delivers Amazing New Tech From Many Innovators


  As in years past the Consumer Electronics Show does not disappoint. CES 2017 displayed some truly unique innovations in not only the computing industry but also across the board with electronics. It seems that Microsoft is enabling partners such as Lenovo and others to build innovative hardware while Microsoft itself builds support into Windows 10 for those partner's new and innovative connected devices. Other major players whose new innovations were displayed at CES 2017 include Samsung and LG who both presented multiple new creations in multiple areas of electronics. Not to be left out are Blackberry, Dell, Mattel, Nikon, and Razer along with many others. Looking for a new laptop with three screens or a nice 8k display? All of these and more were shown off at CES 2017.



Some Fantastic Innovations Displayed At CES 2017


  As far as computers are concerned there were many new products showcased and what is at least the most interesting if not the most innovative is Razer's Project Valerie. A laptop which although weighing in at 12 pounds has a 17" primary display AND two more 17" displays which come with it and are easily deployed. Televisions were another big part of what was revealed including the new Samsung QLED TV and the winner of CES 2017's Best Of Innovation Award, LG's new W7 OLED TV. According to LG "The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W features a "Wallpaper" design so impossibly thin and light that it attaches to the wall, while delivering unbelievable color and contrast, plus active HDR with 4K resolution." The 65" version has a price tag of $8,000, and you can see more about The LG W7 Wallpaper TV.



  There were several tech items which showed up in many forms, with a number of VR (as well as AR and MR) offerings showing off the latest "reality variations" to choose from and look forward to. Samsung GEAR VR, Merge VR Holo Cube, FOVE VR, Lucid VR Hubblo 360 degree camera, nVidia Shield, you get the picture (or the reality). Amazon's Alexa was being shown off in many new devices as well including LG's InstaView refrigerator and Mattel's Aristotle is being touted as an "Amazon Echo which understands your kids" and grows with them. Blackberry showed their new phone system named Mercury with Blackberry Apps and Android 7, Polaroid re-emerged with new cameras which can connect to you phone, Nikon showed off it's Project HELIX 360 camera system, Dell's 8k Display was shown (for $5,000), and many, many other innovations were displayed. One of the more impressive was Razer's new projection system using Chroma and dubbed Project Ariana. This will be amazing and you can read about Razer's Chroma and Project Ariana and watch a pretty cool video from Razer below. CES 2017 was impressive, amazing, and innovative with certainty!



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