Are you now using SSDs?

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Are you now using SSDs? was created by Earl
They are not the same as rotational HDDs and function differently. Key points to consider include the following

1). Don't Defrag it, because it doesn't need it and it will increase wear-leveling counts which means wear and tear on the SSD.
2). Avoid collecting files and programs which you would only keep temporarily (use a USB stick or CD/DVD) because every time you write to and then delete from the SSD it also increases wear.
3). If you run tests on your drives, do so minimally with the SSD for the same reason.
4). Do NOT let an SSD with an image (or data) on it sit idle for long periods of time or in extreme temperatures because flash memory (that's what SSDs are) can suffer from those conditions.
5). If you run backups to an external drive, stick with a good rotational for the foreseeable future in case you only do it occasionally and just as a matter of using proven technology.

Much of the above may also apply to rotational HDDs but we're still talking apples and oranges so think about those points!

Now - the reason(s) to use SSDs -

1). SSDs are FASTER.
2). Your computer will boot (more than noticeably) FASTER.
3). Your programs will open and run FASTER.
4). You can do anything FASTER with an SSD than a rotational HDD.
5). Did I mention SSDs are FASTER?

I use two SSDs in my latest build with a primary for the OS and system software and a secondary for games and other software. I do still backup regularly using both Windows backup to a rotational external HDD and using Clonezilla, also with a rotational.

Hope this server as food for thought!

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