CES 2018 Will Show Much Of The Old, New, And Innovative Tech




  We've seen much of this before, for sure - BUT - CES 2018 has a lot of new and innovative tech to show off. The Smart Home is not a new concept but it will likely see improved tech shown off at CES 2018 with manufacturers focusing on making the Smart Home even smarter. Phones are no stranger to CES and there will be presentations from several manufacturers with Samsung's S9 and S9 Plus likely to make an appearance. PCs in the form of desktops, laptops, tablets and of course hybrids will be on display and not aiming to disappoint with some new designs. Televisions will make yet another big splash at CES 2018 and it might be a bigger splash than ever before introducing new, innovative tech along with ridiculously large (150 inch?) screens. Audio won't be left out with new sound bars and integrated audio devices not to mention Android Auto gong wireless. Speaking of wireless - 5G is reported to have a huge impact at CES 2018 and all of these things indicate that CES 2018 will show much of the old, new, and innovative tech.



The Highest Impact Tech Devices Coming To CES 2018


  Anything sporting 5 G is going to have high impact but that's not all. Advances in wireless charging are bound to show innovative tech and driverless transportation will also be featured likely impacting the future of that industry and our lives in a big way. How about robots - Honda will reportedly have several on display at CES 2018 - and these also will have impact on our lives. Drones are destined to have high impact on delivery and surveillance systems and according to the Consumer Technology Association (which owns and operates the CES marketplace) the Drones marketplace at CES 2018 will increase by 33% over 2016 and occupy some 32,000 square feet on the CES floor. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are already high impact examples of innovative tech and will be showcased with these demonstrations of immersive multimedia being prominent throughout the show. 3D printing is also growing as an evolving high impact innovative tech industry and that which can be 3D printed comprises what is a fast-growing list, and will therefore be fully represented at CES 2018.


  CES 2018 opens January 9, and runs through January 12, 2018 in Las Vegas and last year's attendance of 180,000 may well be exceeded given the 3,900 exhibitors ranging across many product categories. According to the Consumer Technology Association "CES covers the entire technology ecosystem including artificial intelligence, driverless cars, drones, health and fitness, sports tech, connected smart home technology and the Internet of Things that will continue to grow thanks to 5G networks". We must all bear in mind that the security of our connected devices must be managed fully and IoT has been recently compromised so let's hope exhibitors at this year's CES address that specifically regarding their products. No matter what between all of the events and products involved with CES 2018 it should be an Awesome Show!


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