Computer Security is a growing concern across the entire computing industry and has been since the industry’s inception. From this time forward it will be the most  formidable concern for computer users worldwide, and proper defenses must be implemented. To believe that one’s defenses will “take care of everything” automatically is unfortunately akin to allowing one’s car to drive itself - not likely to be successful. Security is an ever-evolving dynamic to which full attention must be paid. One day one’s car may drive itself; it may even be true that one day computer security will be entirely self-sufficient, but that day is not yet here. What this means quite simply is that firewalls, antivirus, and antimalware must be among the best and always updated – AND – one must know what is installed and be vigilant in watching for things that don’t belong in the computing environment. 


  • Malware (5)
  • Computer Virus Infections (2)

    Here we identify ways to defeat Computer Virus Infections.

    Internet Security is of paramount concern for all PC users and must be treated as such therefore issues concerning this will be addressed here in depth.